Opening ceremony modernized line foundry

On 6th July 2012 Hardkop has opened the new casting production line which was held in the production hall. The enterprise obtained funds for this line from European Union.
This is the largest line of this type in Poland which allows us to make forms with efficiency and at the same time enables as much as 95 per cent regeneration of masses used in formatting process.
Moreover, we installed modern air cleaning filter enables its reuse what is especially needed in winter time when halls must be warmed up. Apart from this we applied solar collectors for warming up water for social objectives.
Among many people who took part in the opening ceremony of modernized casting included: Professor Józef Suchy – Dean of the faculty of castings at AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow, Tadeusz Arkit – deputy to the Polish Parliament, Rev. Piotr Miszczyk – Custos of the Blessed Mother Sanctuary in Płoki, the Mayor of Trzebinia Stanisław Szczurek, Jerzy, Antoni Kwaśniewski – the Starost of Olkusz and Adam Potocki – the Starost of Charznów, President of Chamber of Commerce in Chrzanów.