EU Projects

2009-2010 – we completed the project called "The purchase of modern machinery and the application of innovative solutions in order to enhance the competitiveness of mechanical enterprise Hardkop Sylwester Piasny".

In 2012 we completed the project called "The modernization of the foundry of mechanical enterprise Hardkop Sylwester Piasny with implementing both casting and IT technologies".

Within the project we equipped the foundry among other things:

  • the line to make flaskless forms and mass regeneration- it is adapted on the base of furan mass used as a bonding. Regenerative processes of mas enables its recycling to reuse,
  • induction crucible furnace,
  • dust collection system of line to mass production as well as working site designed for fettling castings.

At present we are carrying out European Union projects:

1. "The modernization of steelworks department in Hardkop enterprise in order to implement innovative products".

2. Investment project of enterprises w in the range of R+D called "the increase of the competitiveness of Hardkop enterprise by means of creating the laboratory for the research and development work".

3.  Subsidies for innovations

We invest in your future

The implementation of the Export Development Plan in Hardkop engineering enterprise Sylwester Piasny.

The name of the beneficiary: Sylwester Piasny HARDKOP Engineering Enterprise
The value of the Project: 265 193 ,74 zł

The EU’s contribution: 199 490 ,02 zł

The period for the completion: 1.01.2014 - 31.12.2015

The European Union co-financed project from European Development Fund.