About us

We are a dynamically operating and developing engineering enterprise. Our business is structured across four focus areas of production: founding, mechanical processing, making steel structures and services.

We specialize in making of steel castings and iron castings with fully heat treatment. Our castings can be characterized with high endurance and functional parameters. We make precision castings by the method of lost wax cast with a mass up to 3kg as well as steel casting and iron castings with a mass up to 700kg.

We possess own mechanical processing plant where castings are completed and services are provided in the scope of the mechanical treatment of metal elements.
Steelworks department offers the design and execution of steelworks for the building industry, engineering industry as well as steel and mining industry. In recent years the enterprise has commenced its operations in the scope of machines and devices service in order to preserve the continuity of production lines. These services are addressed to industrial plants such as: cement plant, crushing plants, mineral mines and steelworks. We make workshops with technological equipment as well as with complete infrastructure.

High quality of products and services is confirmed by applied and well-implemented quality management system ISO 9001:2009 for which we obtained an appropriate certificate in 2010.

We supply our production to the followings industrial sectors:

  • Chemical industry, petrochemical and electrical sector (the cast items of pumps, pipelines, elements of industrial fittings),
  • Minerals and rock minerals industry (spare parts to hammer crushers, jaw crushers, impact crushers, cone crushers, excavators and loaders etc.),
  • Mining (linings to mills, classifiers, conveyors’ components),
  • The cement and lime industry (carpet plates to mills, parts to conveyors),
  • Electromechanical (cogwheels, hulls, plates, lids, impellers etc.),
  • Automotive industry (brake discs, brake drums, manifolds etc.),
  • Glass recycling (parts to crushers, conveyors),
  • Building industry (spare parts to concrete plants and bituminous mastic production).

We are flexible in order to meet our customer’s needs. We try to keep stocks at the level allowing for solid, fast and prompt carrying out the orders even the biggest ones.

We have qualified engineering-technical staff with long seniority.

We continually improve qualifications and skills of our employees in order to meet our customers’ needs.